From College Park’s large spaces and halls to cozy corridors and comfortable lounge areas, ample spaces provide enrichment for all.

College Park is a shopping mall of higher education—where credit and non-credit, degree and non-degree, and formal and informal educational classes are offered by the cooperating institutions.  It consists of a 54,000 square feet building within which courses/programs are offered.

Participating institutions of education and learning are: Central Community College, Doane University, UN-L Hall County Extension, Grand Island Little Theatre, and Central Nebraska-Area Health Education Center.

Special Features of College Park

Auditorium with 332 seating capacity
Large Extension meeting room to accommodate 125 with table seating
Fourteen classrooms
Library/media center

College Park features venues to appeal to virtually any educational workshop, meeting, or convention. For specific information on the facilities listed above or to schedule an event at College Park, contact L.J. McCormick, Executive Director.

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